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1/11/22 1:00 PM - 1/30/22 1:00 PM
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Corpreal Beast, on contrary, was buy osrs gold designed to avoid the gravestone mechanic, I hope Jagex looked at it and hung there heads with shame on the bear bosses without chance of a risk, and therefore created a system to ignore gravestones. Now you only have 2 minutes to go back to your belongings. It's not possible to leave the area before it's the public's loot.

Finally Nex I'm not yet to take on her, so forgive me if I'm off. You can argue that Nex would have had these mechanics because most people believe that Jagex was working on the update for a long period of time. While a blessing can help bring back to where you were, it is strongly thought that Nex would have had this feature.

All other bosses were created to be played with no gravestones. You can get things back from Bandos KBD, Chaos Ele and Mole when you have a grave that doesn't contain bless. DKs and Sara are found in graves with bless.

Also, graves greatly reduce the chance of RS. We know that someone will not bless your grave so that they have the chance to spit on your fury, this is the point. They aren't a penis, it's the way in which the RS death penalty works and has been distorted by graves.

The bless was always meant to be a substitute for a person taking items and giving them back to you. It was not as a generic "nerf death" button. It has evolved into an item for a friend to help you out in the event of your death. Here's the solution: you have three options. It is best to only take risks that you can afford to loose. We're hoping to see a reduction in bosses who have gear that is overloaded because they have a very slim possibility of losing it.

Bossing with friends - This is buy rs gold online people used to do before they died, if they wanted to take less risk. Boss as you like, but remember that If you fail to bless, it's only you to be accountable to. This absurd debate has ended.


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